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​BA (Hons) Global Business and Entrepreneurship with Foundation Year


Student Finance Available


Weekdays, evenings and/or weekends


4 Years


London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds


September, February, July

Awarded Degree

BA (Hons) Global Business and Entrepreneurship with Foundation Year

Course Overview

If you're seeking a platform to enhance your technical understanding of business and foster an entrepreneurial mindset through a continually evolving vocational structure, then our BA Global Business and Entrepreneurship with Foundation Year course is tailored for you.

Designed to accommodate individuals with work and family commitments, this course offers an alternative pathway to achieving your academic and professional goals. The Foundation Year equips you with essential skills and foundational knowledge, laying the groundwork for success in the subsequent three years. As you progress, the course intensifies, deepening your comprehension of entrepreneurship and new venture management, and presenting unique learning pathways in the final year.

The BA (Hons) Global Business and Entrepreneurship with Foundation Year not only prepares you to realize the potential of your business ideas but also guides you through the process—from identifying lucrative opportunities to acquiring the skills necessary to bring your ideas to fruition. The engaging structure of the course delves into dynamic organizations, exploring how they contribute to employment opportunities, economic growth, and social transformation.

Throughout the program, you'll have the opportunity to test your learning and ideas in real-world scenarios within the classroom, honing business planning skills crucial for entrepreneurial success. The course also delves into the theory and practice of entrepreneurship across various contexts, providing a comprehensive understanding of the value placed on strategy, tactics, and innovation in diverse business models.

Benefit from the insights of industry experts who will guide you on launching and growing businesses while highlighting potential pitfalls to watch out for on your entrepreneurial journey. Additionally, our welfare team provides personalized face-to-face support in academic, career, financial, and well-being aspects to ensure your success.

Entry Requirements

Candidates with a minimum of 80 UCAS tariff points or an equivalent 60-credit Ofqual qualification at Level 3 are eligible to apply.

Individual Consideration:

Applicants falling below the specified entry requirements will be individually assessed, and relevant work experience will be taken into account during the evaluation process.


Applicants Aged 21 and Above:

For individuals aged 21 and above who may not meet the standard entry criteria, we also evaluate those with life/work skills suitable for undergraduate study through our Foundation program.


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